Saturday, January 21, 2012

healthy girl habits.

so i'm sure many of you have made some sort of new year's resolution that has to do with weight loss, health, and/or exercise. i know that i, myself, have made some changes in order to stay on track, especially with all this running around and rehearsing. it's easy for me to justify a half a pint of ben and jerry's here and a greasy bag of fries there because i'm "exercising" all day, but the truth is that those things add up to much more fat and calories than i'm actually burning. sooooo, i've written down some easy ways to surround myself with healthy habits. here there are :)

1. always carry water with you. you're more likely to stay hydrated, especially with non-sugary drinks like juice or soda, when you've got your water at your side and, preferably, in a re-usable water bottle. i find myself taking sips even when i'm just bored or in the car! staying hydrated also means keeping your metabolism going! and that's important.

2. stock up on fresh produce. if you surround yourself with healthy foods and avoid buying things like cookies, crackers, chips, or even cereal (if you're like me and tend to eat the whole box at once...) you won't have a choice but eat healthfully! it's hard to always buy produce when you're on a budget, but if you look at your local grocery store's weekly ad you can always find some good deals. i only buy the fruits and veggies that are on sale...unless it's bananas because i'm obsessed.

3. for dessert, try to have something a little more nutritional than a piece of cake. my family and i like to stick some greek yogurt in the freezer for about 30 minutes to give it a chill and make it taste like frozen yogurt. my favorites are the flavored fage and chobani kind. they also have a ton of protein! add a few chocolate chips or fresh berries for something extra :)

4. if you're a snacker, like me, and always need to have something while you're watching tv, try frozen grapes. give fresh grapes a good wash and dry before you place them in the freezer. they'll stay for days. eat as many as you'd like, but the best part is that you'll probably start to get sick of them and feel full after a few. the good news is that there's absolutely nothing unhealthy about it!

5. if you're in the car a lot, like most los angelinos, or just on the go like many new yorkers, keep a healthy snack in your bag. my favorites are the cliff zbars. sure they're for kids, but they're ridiculously yummy (yummier than regular cliff bars!) and about half the size. if you know you've got a little treat in your bag, you're less likely to stop during the day for a chocolate bar or that extra starbucks frappaccino.

other healthy habits include:
taking the stairs
going for walks when you can
having at least one salad a day
drinking green tea
and getting sleep!

hope you're all having a good weekend so far!

xo jordan

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  1. Ahh. i love this. simple yet effective ways to stay healthy :-)
    good on ya girl!