Saturday, November 19, 2011


as you know, this past week has been a crazy one. i kind of left you hanging when i told you i got some amazing news on thursday and didn't tell you what it was...but basically, i got asked to sign a contract with STILLETTO entertainment to be one of two dancers picked in a show called Showroom at Sea on a cruise ship this spring.

yeah. i get to call myself a professional dancer now :) honestly, i don't even think it's hit me yet - that i'll get to dance every single day, get paid to do it, travel the world and go on a cruise. i start rehearsals in late december and board the ship february third. i haven't danced that much since high school! and i can't. friggin'. wait.

to celebrate, or just to have a fun "date night," connor and i went out to dinner at birds, a restaurant on a hip street (Franklin) in Hollywood. i'd been there once before over the summer and absolutely loved my meal, so i couldn't help but order the exact same thing. 1/4 baked white chicken with mac and cheese, steamed veggies, lavash bread, and a side of ranch for dipping!

i wish all restaurants had perfect lighting so my photos would look better...#foodbloggerproblems

so much food, so good, and so reasonably priced at about $10. i also got a whiskey sour 'cause i tried one on wednesday and liked it...and it was cheap. too bad this one was way strong - good buy, bad taste. i really do wish i liked whiskey more...

after dinner we caught an improv comedy show next door at the UCB theatre. the show we saw was actually two different ones right after another: Soundtrack and Death by Roo Roo: Your F'ed Up Family. for Soundtrack, they pick random songs off of audience members' ipods and use them to inspire their improv scenes. the second was great too - they took a volunteer from the audience who had an f'ed up family and had him talk about it. then they based their scenes for the next half hour on that person's life and stories.

both were hilarious, but after about an hour, we both started to get tired. any more than an hour of improv can be kind of hard to pay attention to, just because it takes a lot of energy to really appreciate it and catch all the jokes. i definitely want to see more comedy shows in the future, though. they're pretty inexpensive, too!

afterwards we went home and had some pumpkin cheesecake before heading to bed. now i'm eating some pumpkin gingerbread oats with graham cracker crumbs (i know, i'm obsessed.) and waiting to skype with my mom and grandma. in a bit i'm off to dance and then work. have a lovely saturday!

xo jordan


  1. That is FANTASTIC news!!!! im so pleased for you :-)
    Just think of all the crazy adventures you'll have dancing you're way across the oceans!
    What kindof cruise is it? where will you be going? im actually excited FOR you, i hope you will continue blogging so us homebodies can see what its like being an "onboard entertainer".lol....

    Oh and if they happen to need an art teacher onboard this cruise, give me a holla, ok?! i SO need a change of scenery :-p

  2. thanks girl!! it's a 60 day cruise with holland america and it goes to mexico, hawaii, peru, costa rica, nicaragua and guatemala! i will absolutely continue blogging (as long as internet is still accessible!), which should actually be kind of fun...for me and the readers :)