Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloweekend: fat kid at heart.

disclaimer: if any of the following sentences use improper english or are misspelled, it is because i'm still in a food coma/sugar-high from the past 3 days. i write this as i'm eating sweet tarts leftover from last night's festivities...

instead of making you all nauseous from the crap i've consumed including chicken and waffles, cornbread, omelettes eaten with veggie burgers, cupcakes, pumpkin whoopie pies, vodka sodas, a chipotle burrito bowl, snickers, butterfingers, pasta, a corn dog, potato chips, pumpkin butter, twix, and reese's (oh wait, i totally did just make you nauseous, didn't i?), i'll only present you with some of the photos from my happiest halloweekend ever :)

the weekend started out innocently enough with a green monster with mango and banana.

and some whole wheat bread with pumpkin butter brought from home (thanks mom!).

and then things turned ugly at roscoe's chicken and waffles. SO GOOD.

cornbread on the side! it was a little dry, so i smothered it in butter. obviously.

attempting health once again with an egg white/egg omelette with spinach, cheddar and a tomato basil pizza veggie burger. odd combo, amazing flavor.

and then to disneyland for mickey's halloween party!!!!!!!

trick or treating at disneyland! too much free candy + too many roller coasters = hot mess and a smile.

a little too happy about the free candy. trick or treating at disneyland is so much better than trick or treating anywhere else.

nasty ass picture of a corn dog with mustard. i apologize if this, too, makes you nauseous but it was absolutely delicious. first time trying a corn dog: success.

are you still with me or did that last photo of the corn dog put you over the edge? yeah, i don't blame you.

operation detox starting NOW. and it's back to work, too. momma d flies into town tonight!

xo jordan

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