Saturday, November 12, 2011

a week of music.

on tuesday, the boy came into town on his tour with thrice, la dispute and o'brother. i headed downtown after work that day to see their show at the Mayan Theatre, which was awesome. i actually only stayed long enough to see moving mountains and o'brother's sets because after two months of not seeing each other, we kind of just wanted to hang out. we got some thai food for takeout (which i totally forgot to take pictures of but will probably be getting again in the near future...) and the next day we went to...the griddle cafe! my favorite.

i got the 'tis the season pancakes, which were pumpkin pancakes filled with butterscotch and caramel and topped with whipped cream and pumpkin. it was literally the most food-gasmic thing i've ever eaten. basically like eating pumpkin cake for brunch aka perfection. mitch got the creme de la creme french toast which was topped with cheesecake filling. it was out of control and super rich but delicious. neither of us finished and took leftovers home/to the rest of the band.

afterwards, we had some time to kill before i had to drop him off so we wandered around beverly hills and walked around this really pretty park. too bad i have no idea where it was...but it was fun :)

i had work that night, but got cut early so i went down to anaheim to meet them for their second show in socal at the house of blues in downtown disney. i just missed their set, but we got to walk around and i got a candy apple. i'd never had one before and it was amazing!

after my treat, we went back to see the rest of thrice and then went back up to my apartment when the show was over. the next day we went to porto's, another one of my favorites! i got a sandwich this time, the steak fajita with plantain chips on the side. mitch got a sandwich too, and also got a potato ball and croquette for us to try. they were both really yummy - one was filled with chicken i think and the other with beef, maybe?

and then it was back to anaheim for their second night at the house of blues. moving mountains killed it and i got to see la dispute this time too. they were so good! if you've never heard them before and like rock music, you should check them out. actually you should check out all the bands i've mentioned :)

the new moving mountains music video to The Cascade:

oh and i got to have some of the catering for the bands, too. it was really, really good. i kind of wanna be a rock star now...

anyway, mitch left yesterday :( today i'm going back to yoga before work. i'll probably be whipping up something later tonight, so i'll be sure to post about that tomorrow. hope you're all having wonderful weekends!!

xo jordan


  1. i love this video, i will def be checking out moving mountains... being from the UK we miss out on alot of the good, lesser known american bands, so any good mentions, send em my way!! im always looking for new bands to get into :-)

    Is your boy in the band? i have a band boy too! singer/guitarist.... youve gotta love those indie boys :-) haha.

    yummy looking eats as usual. what a crazy looking candy apple, was it like a toffee apple but with candy?!?!

  2. ohh i'm glad you like it! he's actually in moving mountains and they're going on tour in europe next summer so maybe you can catch a show while they're there. that's so cool that you're dating a band boy too! it definitely keeps life interesting :)

    and the candy apple was covered in peanuts! oh it was sooooo good.