Saturday, December 31, 2011

my favorite year yet.

2011 was all time.

starting with meeting one of my favorite people at midnight...

to a very memorable spring break...

and amazing times with my pulse girls...

and best friends...

to a bittersweet graduation...

and a trip across the country with my dad...

to a brave move to my new home in sunny california...

where i got signed by a talent agency...
and lived out a very memorable summer in a frat house with one of my best friends...

plus countless trips to warped tour #guestlisted...

dabbling in modeling...

and a new job with people i love...

to moving in with a new best friend...

but coming home to family for a visit...

and halloween at the happiest place on earth.

visits from momma d...

christmas at home with my family...

the start of my very first professional dance job in a show...

and the beginning of a new passion...

it's really been the most amazing year i could've ever dreamed of with unforgettable experiences, introductions to new friends, quality time with old ones and my incredible family, and memories i'll carry the rest of my life :)

happy new year everyone!!!!!!

xo jordan

Thursday, December 29, 2011

gift idea: photo canvas.

Diy canvas photo

i found this gem on pinterest (from a beautiful mess) about a month ago and knew i wanted to make it for at least one of the amazing people in my life for the holidays. i ended up only making one, for the boy, and i seriously couldn't believe how easy it was and how awesome the finished product looked. with only a few supplies and about 10 hours, you can make a vintage-y looking photo canvas for yourself or anyone else you love!

canvas portrait
adapted from a beautiful mess

what you'll need:
1 stretched canvas (i chose 8x10)
gel medium (i used mod podge)
a spray bottle filled with water
a laser copy of the photo you'd like to transfer (that basically means a copy you make with an industrial size printer, like at kinko's or your office at work)
*the image will transfer reversed

what you do:
1. completely cover canvas with a heavy coat of gel medium.
2. press the photo copy onto the canvas and let dry for several hours or overnight.
3. after image is completely dry, use a spray bottle to wet the top of the paper.
4. rub the surface with your fingers until pieces of the paper start coming off to reveal the photo. this takes time and can be messy, but be careful to not rub too hard as this can remove the transfer. continue until all the paper is removed and the image is completely visible.
5. cover the canvas with one more coat of gel to seal and protect the image.

here's the one i made!

what i really love about this particular photo canvas tutorial is that the image is imperfect. it gives it a more personal feel and makes it more original. you could use a colored copy of the photo, but i think a black and white or faded version might look cooler :)

xo jordan

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

belated christmas post. [baking frenzy]

hello friends!! i know i've been totally MIA, but i have a feeling most of you were too, considering the holidays. after an amazing last few days at home filled with lots of love and laughs (oh, and eating), i'm back in LA and happy to be here. i had my first day of rehearsal today...and a whole 8 hours of it! i am dead.

but to fill you in on my christmas weekend, it consisted of lots and lots of food. mostly in the form of sweets. i figure the "holidays" are really the only time of year i get to gain six pounds (true story) and not feel guilty about it because i know it'll all go away the second i restart my normal life. soo, in the spirit of christmas, and hanukkah, i present to you 4 delicious cookies we got to eat all weekend (which doesn't include the 2 hazlenut apple crisps, peppermint bark or red velvet cake we also had for dessert or the amazing dinners my mom and dad made for us!). yes, i am fully aware i have obviously just placed dessert before and above dinner...

courtney's chocolate caramel apple cookies! super gooey and delicious.

stacy's mint middles - found through the food blogger cookies swap!

black and white cookies from my new fabulous baking book

thanks to the boy :)

and our traditional chocolate chip shortbread cookies. my favorite!

an overview of the epic dessert spread we had this year.

and a random photo of our vermont cheese plate on the new cheese board!

tree number 1.

tree number 2. yes, it is upside down. yes, it is awesome.

so yeah, there you have it. and i hope you all had amazing christmases and hanukkah's, too! i have a feeling you did.

tomorrow i hardcore need to go grocery shopping for some healthy snacks to enjoy during my 8 hours of rehearsal tomorrow night. and the next night. and the night after that. and the night after that. i am in for a rude awakening and a major butt-kicking. i pray this whips me into shape, and does not break my back...again. *knock on wood

xo jordan

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7 days in photos.

christmas decorations and mama d in front of the fire.

homemade meatball mushroom pizza. so. freakin'. awesome.

ma puppy. who's actually 13 years old but i continue to call her a puppy, anyway...

making hanukkah cookies with the baby!

baby micah!

lunch at nanoosh with the brother. mushroom, onion, tahini, greens, hummus and tabbouleh! best.

knitting on the train into the city.

the boy making s'mores.

s'mores in the oven.

thai peanut noodles for two! the boy is an excellent cook.

breakfast with laura: sweet sausage and fontina frittata.

dinner for 4 at the coffee table in front of the tv. we're super non-traditional...

and breakfast: maple pecan loaf with maple cream cheese and coffee.

thai cucumber mint salad. so delicious, so healthy :)

and heather's kugel. not so healthy, but so worth it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

vermont vacation.

i know, i know, i disappeared again. i apologize, but being home has been filled with running around, hanging out with my family, seeing my friends, spending time with the boy, eating, baking, cooking, knitting and some sleeping...when there's time. i can't even believe i've already been home a week! time's flying.

last weekend, pretty much as soon as i landed, my parents and i drove up to manchester, vermont. we stayed at a super nice inn called the reluctant panther where we ate dinner the first night and breakfast the following two days. the food. was. awesome. dinner looked a little something like this:

smoked salmon appetizer with creme fraiche (complimentary!)

pumpkin raviolo with sage, pine nuts and cream sauce.

papardelle with mushrooms (and more cream...)

the most moist chicken there ever was. with butternut squash risotto and brussel sprouts.

and dessert - freshly baked donuts with cinnamon semifreddo. the most amazing dessert i've had in years, hands down.

on saturday, we took a trip to woodstock, vermont to go to my parents' favorite store: simon pierce. they have all this super expensive hand blown glass and then there's a restaurant inside...where we ate lunch even though we weren't hungry...obviously. we started off with some drinks, wine for my parents and a spiced cider for me. usually i don't love spiced cider, if it's too spicy i mean, but this one was perfect. it was mostly citrusy, which i've never tasted before.

then we split some things - the cheese plate, arugula salad with pear, almonds and goat cheese, and a pulled pork quesadilla. all amazing!

we ate a ton of delicious meals, but i honestly only took photos of two of them since the rest of the time i was busy looking like someone who'd never eaten in their life and devouring everything in sight (pumpkin fudge, the best roast beef sandwich ever, cheese, cookies, tempura chicken fingers, and more...oops).

we did do a tiny bit of exercise when we went on a hike sunday morning. it was so beautiful out, i just wish there had been snow so we could've gone snowshoeing like we did a couple years ago. either way, it was so much fun and i definitely felt like i was getting exercise.

despite the cold, vermont is friggin' awesome. and really beautiful. i'm happy i got to come home early enough to join my parents on the trip! now i'm heading into the city to see some of my best friends - i'll be back tomorrow with more on this past week :)

xo jordan