Monday, December 5, 2011

restaurant weekend/a lack of cooking.

as you may have already noticed, going out to lunch or dinner is my all-time favorite social activity. it combines two of my favorite things: friends and food. since i'm heading back home for christmas in just four days, and i start rehearsals as soon as i come back, i've been trying to get in some quality time with my friends here who i know i'm going to miss. so, even though i usually only go out to eat once or twice a week, i made these past few days a weekend of fun, indulgence, and restaurants!

friday night after work and an hour of sitting in traffic, i met up with elana for some thai food. we went to this place near her apartment in "thai town." i ordered the fried rice with sweet thai pork sausage. it seriously tasted like bacon and was amazing.

elana got the pad thai with fried tofu. i tried a piece of the tofu since i've never had it cooked like that before and i can't say i loved it. i mean, i'd totally eat it if it were in front of me, but it didn't have a ton of flavor.


the pad thai itself was excellent, though! after dinner, we went to a bar a few blocks down called harvard & stone. it was so hipster-y and cozy with a fireplace - i loved it! i didn't snap any pictures 'cause it was way too dark, but i definitely need to go back there. i think chill bars are my favorite...

saturday i went back to work and got to spend the day with my good friend iveth! we both got off at around 4 and had a late lunch/early dinner of nachos, fries and sliders at the restaurant. obviously healthy.

the nachos were way too good. i never order nachos, even if i'm out for mexican or something, but after having them saturday i may be craving them more often. uh-oh...and the sliders? woah. we got 2 bison and 1 lamb. both had this sort of mayo on top and the one on the bison was bbq flavored. those were outrageous. i may have to order them again before i go home...

we went to see the descendants with george clooney afterwards (+ unpictured pretzel m&m's for dessert, of course). it was good! not like, amazing? but it was definitely interesting. is it just me or are there really not that many movies about hawaii out there?

and yesterday (sunday) was spent baking for the food blogger cookies swap! unfortunately, i spent about 3 hours working on a disaster and got really discouraged/frustrated. they tasted great, but kept crumbling apart, even after adding different things to the batter :(

i took a break to calm down with some yoga, and returned to my dough that i had stored in the freezer. i was going to start from scratch, but i hate to let things go to waste. i tried one last time with my cookies and they worked! yay! recipe to come soon :)

for dinner, connor picked us up some pitfire. my stomach was hurting from eating too much dough, so i ordered the steak salad with avocado and goat cheese. i'm obsessed. the steak was cooked perfectly and the dressing was out of this world.

today is a day of errands, crossing things off my to-do list, dance class and more yoga. i'm trying to go as much as possible before i go home and suffer hot yoga's going to happen. happy monday, everyone!

xo jordan

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