Tuesday, December 27, 2011

belated christmas post. [baking frenzy]

hello friends!! i know i've been totally MIA, but i have a feeling most of you were too, considering the holidays. after an amazing last few days at home filled with lots of love and laughs (oh, and eating), i'm back in LA and happy to be here. i had my first day of rehearsal today...and a whole 8 hours of it! i am dead.

but to fill you in on my christmas weekend, it consisted of lots and lots of food. mostly in the form of sweets. i figure the "holidays" are really the only time of year i get to gain six pounds (true story) and not feel guilty about it because i know it'll all go away the second i restart my normal life. soo, in the spirit of christmas, and hanukkah, i present to you 4 delicious cookies we got to eat all weekend (which doesn't include the 2 hazlenut apple crisps, peppermint bark or red velvet cake we also had for dessert or the amazing dinners my mom and dad made for us!). yes, i am fully aware i have obviously just placed dessert before and above dinner...

courtney's chocolate caramel apple cookies! super gooey and delicious.

stacy's mint middles - found through the food blogger cookies swap!

black and white cookies from my new fabulous baking book

thanks to the boy :)

and our traditional chocolate chip shortbread cookies. my favorite!

an overview of the epic dessert spread we had this year.

and a random photo of our vermont cheese plate on the new cheese board!

tree number 1.

tree number 2. yes, it is upside down. yes, it is awesome.

so yeah, there you have it. and i hope you all had amazing christmases and hanukkah's, too! i have a feeling you did.

tomorrow i hardcore need to go grocery shopping for some healthy snacks to enjoy during my 8 hours of rehearsal tomorrow night. and the next night. and the night after that. and the night after that. i am in for a rude awakening and a major butt-kicking. i pray this whips me into shape, and does not break my back...again. *knock on wood

xo jordan


  1. Merry Christmas!!! man those cookies and sweets look good :-)
    I love your attitude towards this festive food season, so many people get anxious and stressed about eating more or eating differently... we should embrace the fact that we are taking a break from our normal routines and ENJOY it! cos we wont suddenly balloon, as soon as we switch back into our normal habits and routines, life (and body) will resume as before!
    Thankyou for keeping this fresh in my mind :-)