Tuesday, December 6, 2011

injuries are frustrating.

this morning i woke up to a back that was sending shooting pains up the right side of my spine every 3 seconds. of all the things i've been lucky to have in my life, a good back was never one of them. about 5 years ago, i actually broke my lumbar spine and was pretty much addicted to bengay, thermacare and ice packs. oddly enough, the pain i experience these days isn't in the same place, but it's just as bad. while i was ridiculously eager to get to yoga this morning (up at 7:30 without an alarm, say whaaaat?!), i decided to forgo the extra pain and tears a la sunday's class :(

i hate taking a day off from things i love doing like dance or yoga just because of an injury, but i know that in just 3 weeks i'll be in rehearsal every single day for the cruise so i had better take care of myself now, right? right. this morning is now consisting of re-organizing my drawers, listening to christmas music, starting to pack for home (east coast in 3 days!) and looking a little something like this:

plus a breakfast that cheered me up a bit it was so freakin' good.

one egg/2 egg white omelette with half an avocado, a diced tomato, and a tablespoon or so of light sour cream. all mixed together + garlic salt and holy woah. this is definitely my new favorite breakfast and will most likely be repeated tomorrow.

i'm meeting up with my friend shayan in a bit for some fro-yo and then it's back to work. i'm praying i can walk people to their tables without cringing, whimpering and/or limping this evening...

xo jordan

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