Thursday, December 1, 2011

a return to health.

apologies for the lack of posts these past few days. i'm not going to lie to you, i haven't even been all that busy. i have, however, been focusing on returning to normal eating habits (and portions) as well as going to yoga every single day after my 4-day thanksgiving food binge. not okay.

in order to get back on track, i've been trying to eat regular, well-balanced meals, less dessert, and healthier snacks. i haven't been grocery shopping in awhile, either, so i've been trying to make due with what i have on hand (which is usually whole wheat pasta, spinach, carrots, milk, bananas and cereal.) here's some of what i've been putting together!

raspberry banana smoothie with spinach, skim milk and some coconut for healthy fat!

homemade soup with low-sodium chicken stock (leftover from t-givs!), spinach, carrots and whole wheat shells. + garlic salt (duh).

kashi honey sunshine with skim milk and bananas. i'm obsessed with this cereal.

oranges! times two. for vitamin c and a healthy snack.

sushi (spicy tuna with avocado and salmon and a philly roll.) i know sushi can go from being healthy to not-so-healthy pretty quickly, but i try to keep mine free of any tempura, because it's fried, and spicy mayo/other dipping sauces aside from soy sauce. plus, i figured it would be a healthy alternative to something like pizza or chinese for dinner and a movie with friends. double plus? it's friggin' amazing. oh, and that spiced ale from blue moon was bitchin' too. definitely going to need to buy a 6-pack of those soon.

and finally, celestial seasonings sugar cookie sleigh ride tea! i try to drink tea when i'm looking for something to snack on mindlessly while watching tv but am not really hungry. and i love it. and this tea kind of really does taste like a sugar cookie? win.

some other things i've been eating include:
soft boiled eggs (one before yoga is the perfect pre-workout snack!)
too many graham crackers (they are my weakness. never buying a box again.)
NOT pumpkin. (you shocked? me too.)

the next few days, i'm going to try and add in more vegetables to my diet, hopefully in place of all that pasta. i do think today will be a day off from yoga, though. i'm seriously in need of a massage after these last few classes! have a good thursday, y'all :)

xo jordan

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