Thursday, October 27, 2011

vegas vacation.

i'm baaaaack!! in case you missed my last post, i headed to vegas last sunday afternoon to meet up with my mom who was there for business. i got to stay at the mandarin oriental hotel (nicest ever), watch excessive amounts of television, hang out with my mom and engorge myself on obscene amounts of delicious foods. lucky me ;)

and that would be my finger in front of the lens...

here are some food photos from the trip!

fresh baguette and butter from mon ami gabi in the paris hotel

chicken frites! one of the best pieces of chicken i've ever eaten and those fries were out of control.

some hotels leave chocolates, but the mandarin leaves pears and breadsticks that taste like macarons :)

salmon salad sphere. crazy looking, crazy delicious.

banana bread french toast and a hot cup of coffee. too good.

horrible photo of my room service dinner: biggest turkey club of life, fries, side salad and a tiny bit of tuna tartare. yum.

buffet breakfast at the mandalay bay!! my favorite. that's an egg white omelette, smoked salmon, bacon, fruit, grapefruit juice and coffee...add 2 pastries to that and some food i snuck in my bag for the ride home and you have a very happy girl.

and now i'm sipping on some amazing pumpkin spice coffee out of my new mug (thanks mom!) before work. it's kind of hard to read, but that says "cake fixes everything." so true, right? makes me want to bake...

have a good one, y'all!

xo jordan

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