Saturday, October 22, 2011

how to salvage a mediocre meal.

yesterday after yoga, i met my friend elana for lunch in larchmont village, a place i've been meaning to visit here for a loooong time. connor had told me it looks like larchmont on the east coast, and he was totally right. it's a super cute street lined with shops and cafes.

i was really excited to try out a place called the bungalow, which had all kinds of delicious sounding things on the menu including some fancy eggs benedicts and red/blue velvet pancakes, and we all know i'm a sucker for those :) the restaurant itself was adorable with a bakery-like feel in the front and 3 different outdoor seating areas.

i went with a stuffed turkey burger with brie and apples (no bun) plus a mango, papaya and cucumber salad.

elana got a breakfast panini and then we headed out to the back porch, which was complete with a fireplace! we were excited to dig into our lunches, but after a few bites of mine, i realized how bland it was. i really wanted to give it a shot, but it wasn't even cooked well. i couldn't taste the brie or apples, really, and the side salad was whatever. for $15, it was a total disappointment. elana said hers was just okay, too.

honestly, afterwards we were still hungry and had some time to hang out together and walk around. i had spotted a crumbs cupcakes on my way to the restaurant and the second i mentioned it after our meal, we knew we had to have one. we split a red velvet cupcake and it was delicious!!

so, to salvage my mediocre meal (and probably one that cost too much), i first realized that it wasn't a total loss because was in great company, not to mention i was going to want to try the restaurant anyway. plus, i easily fixed my dissatisfaction with some dessert....duh! that last trick always works. orrrr you could totally just make up for it the next day with something yummy like mushroom pizza from the pitfire, courtesy of the roomie...

thanks connor :) hope you're all enjoying your weekends, everybody!! i'm off to vegas tomorrow afternoon to see my momma, but i'll blog to you all from there.

xo jordan

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