Saturday, October 1, 2011

are you sure it's october.

here i am prancing around with my cinnamon and my pumpkin and my "happy harvest" decorations thinking it's all, ya know, about to be autumn and stuff...when really, it's NINETY-TWO. DEGREES. yeah, you heard me. 92.

had i realized my walk to the bank/lunch/grocery store this afternoon was going to be so sweltering hot, i wouldn't have bothered waking up so early to go to hot yoga! ok hold up, rewind. let me walk you through this before i get all huffy.

7:30am - wake up without an alarm (why me) and wash up. sleeping in yoga clothes = ready to go. sandwich thin + peanut butter + half a banana - one plate = breakfast on the run.

10:00am - drink hot cup of coffee and eat rest of banana. browse food blogs in bed. get really tired.

11:45am - force self to walk the mile down to the bank for rent check. visit connor at pitfire for some burrata pie and reading. so pleasant :) minus the sweat running down my literally.

1:00pm - walk to new NoHo farmer's market (just okay) with ice cold watermelon lemonade in hand. stop at grocery store on way home for rations. aka werthers. (if you knew me about 8 years ago, you knew just how obsessed i was with these. the obsession is resurfacing...)

2:30pm - eat werthers. drink a ton of water. blog and complain about weather. good thing it's going to be 69 on wednesday! better make it to the beach before then for a tan. the blue veins on my stomach don't look too great when i wear a bra and minuscule shorts to every single audition...

this evening - back to work. here's hoping i don't pass out of exhaustion mid-way. happy weekend, everybody!

xo jordan


  1. OMG i love those candies! I used to eat them all the time. Now I might have to pick some up and stash them in my purse.

  2. you totally have to! they're perfect for when you're not really hungry but still want the taste of something in you're mouth! i'm seriously hooked.