Friday, September 30, 2011

five things friday.

TGIF, y'all. too bad i have work all three nights of the weekend...starting with a majorly mad dash from a callback this afternoon to the restaurant. pray for my sanity.

and in case you were wondering...

the last five meals i ate
1. green monster smoothie with a nana, frozen raspberries, spinach and frozen strawbs
2. pumpkin oats with brown sugar and maple syrup
3. basil pesto sausage with roasted broccoli and sauteed spinach
4. an insane amount of sushi with salmon, spicy tuna, crab and tempura
5. a sandwich thin with provolone and jam + clementines

five places i'm going:
1. vegas to see mama d
2. thousand oaks for thanksgiving
3. san diego to see the boy and moving mountains
4. home for christmas
5. hawaii for vacation!

last five books i read:
1. one day
2. kitchen confidential
3. last night at chateau marmont
4. poor little bitch girl
5. something i probably read for my colloquium and never want to think about again

five things in my bag:
1. emergency girl's kit from the container store (clear nailpolish, advil, chapstick, etc.)
2. wallet
3. keys
4. cliff bar
5. dance shoes

five things i do everyday:
1. read food blogs
2. exercise
3. plan meals
4. wash dishes
5. talk to my parents

that's all folks! have a wonderful friday and maybe the next time i catch up with you i'll be able to say i got hired :)

xo jordan

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