Saturday, September 3, 2011

mama d visit: days 2 & 3

happy labor day weekend, y'all! yesterday started early, 6:30 to be exact. i swear my mom is putting me on east coast time. we got a heck of a lot done, though! we had a super filling breakfast at EAT down the street. it was rated top breakfast in north hollywood and it's only 2 blocks away! i got these caramel nut banana pancakes, of which i seriously regret not taking a picture to share with you. taking photos of my food all the time is going to take some getting used to.

we then hit up ralph's for some essentials (whole wheat pasta, spices, dried cranberries, splenda, tin foil, and stuff to make dinner), ikea for some living room furniture (tv stand, coffee table, lamp, chair, pillows, a vase, blankets and some glasses), and best buy for a tv my wonderful father bought for me! we built furniture forever and were so busy decorating that we didn't get around to making this gorgeous dinner until about 8pm:
that, my friends, would be fresh wild salmon baked with onion slices, salt and peper, pasta with goat cheese, shallots, asparagus, onion and balsamic vinaigrette, and extra asparagus sauteed in sesame oil.
served with 2 delicious glasses of prosecco. my favorite :)
everything tasted so unbelievably good, and it was so quick and simple to put together. i think balsamic vinaigrette makes the best "sauce" for pasta, and it's healthy, too! we ended the night with some squares of dark lindt chocolate (mint and almond brittle) and passed out at 11:30.

this morning was another early one, but today we actually have no errands to run! we hung my bulletin board, map of california and some other pictures this morning, but now we have the day to do whatever we please! we made a hearty, healthy breakfast with some leftovers from last night since i'm leaving for a few days and need to use up some food in my fridge. my mom whipped up a scramble with egg whites, asparagus, shallots, salmon, tomato and feta cheese.
it was. so. good.
plus a whole wheat sandwich thin topped with butter and strawberry preserves. there was also a lot of unpictured coffee, of course (my mom keeps make a ton). now we're off to spend the day doing some shopping and beach-ing in santa monica, picking up some things i left at the frat (oops), and having a dinner i'm very excited for at SmithHouse! then it's off to LAX and back to the east coast. talk to you from new york :)

xo jordan

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