Monday, September 19, 2011

the anti-lazy sunday.

for the past week or so, i've been having trouble sleeping past 7:30/8am. now, that's not the worst thing ever considering i go to sleep around midnight, but on the nights i go to bed later, the lack of sleep really adds up. yesterday, however, i took advantage of my up-and-at-'em attitude and headed back to wildwood canyon for a hike!

this time i was by myself, but i brought along my ipod for company and motivation. i hiked for a good hour at a pretty fast pace and even found myself running at some points just because i had the momentum. i found other trails yesterday than the ones connor and i had done on saturday, and the views were even more spectacular. i won't go into detail about how i then got myself lost and ended up climbing several more hills than i intended to...but it did happen.

my legs were practically shaking after the hike, so i didn't end up doing my exercises when i got back home. but i did clean my bathroom and bedroom until they were sparkling clean, as well as 2 loads of laundry and grocery shopping! yay trader joe's!

the rest of the afternoon was spent searching for modeling gigs online, skyping with 2 best friends and watching the emmy's with connor and his mother. after the show at around 8:30pm, i had the pleasure of going out to dinner with them and we headed to SmithHouse because i couldn't stop raving about the food...obviously.

i decided to get the baked chicken with mac daddy and sesame spinach since so many people were ordering that the other night and it looked so delicious! connor and his mom both got burgers, since i told them they were our specialty, and everybody was very pleased with their meals. connor also had this granny smith cider that i totally need to get next time...and of course, we had the red velvet cake to share for dessert. my favorite!

i passed out as soon as we got home at 11, woke up this morning and went to dance. we did a combination to No Scrubs by TLC. priceless. and now, some relaxing until 4pm when i head out for my first paid print shoot! enjoy the rest of your day :)

xo jordan

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