Saturday, September 17, 2011

saturday adventures.

this morning, connor and i ventured over to wildwood canyon in burbank for a hike! i honestly don't think i'd really ever been hiking until this past summer when my dad and i stopped in bryce canyon, utah in the middle of our roadtrip. now, i can't stop thinking about hiking. i love it! so i looked up places to hike earlier this week since i knew i had time to go this weekend and wildwood sounded both fun and challenging. i also heard about its amazing views. the yelp reviews weren't lying...

the trails were super steep, but nothing too scary. i was definitely out of breath at the top, or what i thought was the top...several times...we seemed to be hiking uphill for quite awhile, but it was also oddly relaxing. the panoramic views of the valley were only slightly clouded by smog and connor and i couldn't help but realize how beautiful california really is.

i'm honestly thinking about going back tomorrow. we hiked for a good hour, and i felt good, but i'd like to try maybe an hour and a half, maybe with a little less huffing and puffing. that could take some time and practice, though...

when we got home, i did some ab work and butt exercises (as if my body wasn't already shaking enough after the hike), jumped in the shower and walked over to meet my friend robin at The Magnolia Grill.

i seriously have nothing but good things to say about this place. we sat outside on the patio, which had plenty of seating and wasn't too cramped. the service was excellent and everything on the menu sounded great. i would compare this restaurant to a diner. it had the same kind of feel and the dishes on the menu were a combination of breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, pastas, meats and fish. robin and i both ordered salads, which first came with a choice of banana, pumpkin, zucchini or garlic bread, and oh. my. god. i got pumpkin. it was amazing.

the zucchini bread would be robin's, which i also heard was delicious. and then came the salads the size of our heads. mine was called the california sunshine and had raisins, mandarin oranges, apple, pecans and grilled chicken over iceberg lettuce with creamy dressing. it was sooo good. if i were to make one modification for next time it would be to ask for light dressing, but it was great nonetheless.

now i'm off to century city. i originally wasn't supposed to have work tonight, but one of the hostesses is sick, so i gladly picked up her shift. hopefully my salad will keep me full for awhile and my eyes won't get tired too soon because tonight could be a long one. at least it's money :) enjoy your saturday evenings!!

xo jordan

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