Wednesday, September 14, 2011

whole foods wednesday.

allow me to let you in on a little secret. and hey, if you already knew about this, good for you. i'm just jealous that you've been enjoying your wednesday just a bit more than the rest of us for as long as you have...

but here it is - a couple of months ago, my friend and i discovered the most amazing bit of information ever: the whole foods cold and hot bar is discounted 2 whole dollars every wednesday. that puts it at just $5.99 per pound. and you can best believe i have been going once a week since we originally spotted the discount. today was not only a special day because i had off and was able to take 2 of my favorite dance classes, but also because i ate this for my lunch:

that right there would be some mac and cheese shells (just a little! my weekly treat), penne caprese, balsamic fig/strawberry/mint salad, a falafel, some hummus, a piece of baked chicken, and a ton of mixed greens. too good.

post lunch, i headed over to the grove in beverly hills to see what i could find in the way of cute bowls and mugs for the apartment. i found myself at anthropologie amongst some of the prettiest (and most expensive) dishes ever. i left with just one bowl and one mug, but i wanted at least 5 of each. another time...another paycheck...but in any case, i made my dinner tonight in my new handpainted bowl and it made it taste even better!

that would be whole wheat shells, steamed spinach, chopped pearl tomatoes and red onions all covered in an avocado sauce. basically, i threw:

-half an avocado
-1 tablespoon of olive oil
-juice from half a lemon
-a couple pinches of sea salt

into a food processor and out came a lovely, healthy pasta sauce. in the future i'll probably use a whole avocado, just because the sauce wasn't as smooth as i'd wanted it to be, but it was delicious and lemony nonetheless.

and now for some tv before bedtime. it's back to work in the morning!

xo jordan

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