Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my first WIAW.

if you haven't yet heard of a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday), feel free to head on over to jenn's blog at peas and crayons for some info :)

here's my first time attending the party!

breakfast: pumpkin oats with water, a splash of almond milk, some brown sugar, half a chopped green apple and a touch of maple syrup! + coffee. the perfect pre-audition fuel.

lunch: with my friend elana at EAT in NoHo. i ate here with my mom when she visited and remembered breakfast was delicious, so i went with an egg white omelette with cheddar, mushrooms and onions with whole wheat toast and fruit! just what i needed.

also, this weird fruit i cannot seem to identify. ideas?

snack after hot yoga: about 8 clementines. not even kidding, maybe more...

dinner: tuna salad with miracle whip, the rest of the granny smith apple from breakfast, and dried cranberries. with a side of a whole wheat sandwich thin with butter and jam! since i didn't get enough carbs from breakfast and lunch...

dessert: some almonds, peanut butter puffins, and this tea. green jasmine from trader joes is soooo good.

on tap for tomorrow: an entire day of auditioning. one at 10 and a callback at 2pm :)

xo jordan


  1. Hey Jordan! Welcome to WIAW!!!! <3 I linked you up to the party for ya! Def don't forget to stop by next week if you WIAW it up again and add your link to the party by clicking the blue "add your link" button at the bottom of the post! I can talk ya through it if you need any help! just let me know! <3

    So awesome to meet you and congrats on your 1st! eee! <3 xoxo

  2. thanks so much jenn!! i must've done it wrong, but i'll definitely try again next week :)

  3. Because I'm scrolling back through your entries, that weird fruit is Dragon Fruit.

    One of my favs.