Thursday, September 1, 2011

mama d visit: day 1.

hey there! i'm currently blogging from my newly decorated adorable bed,
thanks to my lovely mother :) pictures to come soon!

unfortunately, i had to work for 6 hours today starting at 10am even though my mom is here. luckily my shift was only to answer phones in the restaurant and make reservations, so i was allowed to have her there for some company! our morning started out in traffic...but things started looking up with a delicious berry yogurt parfait from the coffee bean. i was so starved by the time we got there that i obviously forgot to take a picture. now, i usually do not like to spend $5 on something i could probably make myself for just $3, but i ran out of time to stop by the grocery store since the traffic was so horrific. nonetheless, my breakfast was delicious! it held me over for about four hours until my mom brought back salads for us to eat at the restaurant together, a lunch only interrupted by about four phone calls!
she picked them up from this place called California Cafe in Century City and for only $6, this salad was both huge and satisfying with chicken, cranberries, almonds and a ton of romaine in honey poppyseed dressing! it actually came with a roll that i ate only half of (at first...) because we had this amazing plate brought out to us by one of the chefs working in the kitchen:
please excuse the terrible photo but that, my friends, is the SmithHouse take on a philly cheesesteak + a boat load of herbed truffle fries with parmesan. and you can bet your bottom dollar that we ate every single last one. i seriously love working in restaurants and i'm pretty sure you can't beat the people at mine. they take such good care of us :)

when i got out of work at 4pm, we sat in traffic again for a little over an hour and then made our way to target to pick up a ton of cleaning supplies and essentials for my new apartment. my mom is one of the most generous people i know - not only did she go out while i was at work to pick out gorgeous throw pillows and a comforter for my bed, but she also bought us everything we need to get started in our own place! to top it all off, she took me and connor out to dinner! we actually ended up going back to the Pitfire in North Hollywood because i had such a great meal there on tuesday.
connor and i both got pizzas while my mom ordered the steak salad i had the other day. mine had burratta cheese, arugula, hazlenut and a touch of tomato sauce (i hate when there's too much!) on the most delicious dough ever. this place has such good drinks, too. i had a pineapple soda and some of my mom's cucumber mint lemonade. she and connor got some red sangria, too. i love sangria, but just not red wine...bad experience freshman year...haha
now it's only 10:15 and i'm exhausted...which is weird since i didn't do much today. my mom and i did clean up a bit and re-did my bed with all the things she bought for it. i also managed to fit in 15 minutes or so of ab exercises. i can't wait to get back to dancing more, but while my mom is here and i'm back home for a few days i'd rather spend my time seeing the people i love. so, quick exercises here and there will have to do! anyways, i'll be back tomorrow with more eats and adventures with mama d!

xo jordan

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