Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new house.

on my birthday (about 3 weeks ago), my friend connor and i moved into a sexy pad in north hollywood. after living in a frat house for 2 and a half months, this place is a godsend. not to mention the perfect place for hanging out, relaxing, cooking, baking, reading, writing and even doing embarrassing fitness videos. hell yeah.

coziest bed ever, complete with throw pillows galore (courtesy of mama d)

decorations: clothes line photos, jewelry stand & anthro frame (thanks michelle!), dvd holders, vase (thanks colie!), and movmou banner from the boy :)

closet space x3

having my own personal bathroom for the first time in pretty much ever = amazing

swanky kitchen complete with dishwasher, stove, microwave and fridge (actually we had to get that delivered from a stranger on craigslist...california apartments are weird.)

loveliest dining room table ever, barstools and breakfast bar

...from which i'm currently blogging...

and the living room! where we watched tangled last night...

have you noticed a color scheme yet? :) and by the way, those black and white pillows are the cushiest things in the world.

xo jordan

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