Tuesday, September 27, 2011

live a little.

in the past 24 or so hours, i may or may not have ruined all or most of my hard work from hot yoga 5 days in a row. and i have to tell you, i don't even feel all that guilty...

from indulging on some of my favorite, super tasty treats, i can share with you several life lessons.

1. it is okay to purchase a $2.20 block of cornbread with your salad at dinner because nothing beats something moist, sweet, and perfect that basically tastes like dessert.

this may have been the best piece of cornbread i've ever eaten.

2. it is okay to have several margaritas with frat boys you used to live with (that are much more tolerable in small doses), even if it means going into work exhausted and hungover, because the coconut ones taste like spring break and happiness. [jaime, i seriously wish you could've tried this one!!]

3. it is okay to satisfy your sweet tooth at your favorite dessert place if you haven't eaten it in a month and it's free and it contains the best chocolate chip cookie ever.

recycled diddy reise photo. mine had peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies with strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

4. it is both challenging and dangerous to eat hot wings with cool asian ranch while driving in traffic on santa monica boulevard, but totally worth it since they are amazing.

mine looked even more delicious. unfortunately, i was too busy multi-tasking to snap a photo...

and finally, 5. it is important to live a little, even if it means letting go of some rules you've set for yourself for just 24 hours. 'cause hey, you'll probably be back to exercising and healthy eating in no time :)

xo jordan

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