Thursday, September 22, 2011


i started my new yoga practice today at corepower yoga in sherman oaks. i took hot power yoga, which is a mix of bikram and power yoga at 100 degrees for 60 minutes and it was intense. but i have to tell you, i felt great afterwards. and i can't wait to go back tomorrow morning. and the day after that. and probably the day after that since i have a free one-week unlimited pass!

this place is hands down the nicest yoga studio i've ever been in and the teacher was super helpful. she took care to learn our names and gave constructive criticism throughout the class. one of the most helpful concepts we shared today was to come up with a word in our minds to describe our intention for participating in the class. she told us that whether it was grace, strength, happiness, peace, control, or anything else, we should remember that word when things got too challenging so we would stay in the moment and push ourselves to reach our goals. i'm going to try and find one word that describes my intentions for each day, and remind myself of it anytime i lose sight of my priorities or forget why i'm here. ya know, just in case i get cut from an audition and get discouraged or get homesick or anything else :)

and now, back to my delicious eats from the past couple of days! i totally missed out on the "what i ate wednesday" in the food blogging world, but i did take pictures of most everything, including those donuts from yesterday that were a huge hit! here they are:

dinner from last night, thanks to connor's mom again! italian food from Prosecco in Toluca Lake. this bowl of farfalle, sweet sausage and portabello mushrooms with tarragon cream sauce literally tasted like autumn.

breakfast this morning was a big bowl of peanut butter puffins, a banana and skim milk. i know i kind of swore these addictive little peanut pillows off, but they were on sale! i had to!

a gala apple eaten after leftovers from last night's dinner), because apples are in for fall :) and just about the greatest snack ever.

a fiber one caramel peanut butter brownie...because they were on sale, too and i like having little desserts around. pretty good, but very tiny and definitely only 90 calories.

dinner tonight was a big salad with carrots, cucumber, turkey, avocado and red onion with light ranch alongside an unpictured whole wheat thin with butter and jam (because breakfast is my favorite meal and i need to incorporate it into all the others...)

and some yogurtland for dessert...well before i ate it all. it was filled with oatmeal cookie, red velvet batter, ny cheesecake and peanut butter jelly frozen yogurt + carob chips, strawberries, cookie dough bites, graham cracker crumbs, nutter butters and caramel sauce. yeah, when i do frozen yogurt i do frozen yogurt.

tomorrow it's back to hot yoga first thing in the morning, then on to work and happy hour at SmithHouse! sleep well, kids.

xo jordan

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