Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i had some free time today before a very fun, but very exhausting dance class to sit and think about my life. i decided that i'm going to make a list of goals for this month, even if for no other reason than to keep me hopeful. and also because i like having lists to reflect upon and crossing off items if, here they are, folks! interspersed with some food photos, too :)

1. try at least 3 new dance classes/teachers a month. (1 down today - jersey heels! she kicked my butt. i'll be back next week, for sure.)

2 egg whites + 1 whole egg omelette with lite cheddar, spinach and garlic salt! i'm getting good at making these, finally.

2. submit to modeling agencies. (and get signed?)

3. do yoga at least 4 times a week.

4. cook something new at least once a week.

mid morning snack - banana with a little bit of peanut butter

5. try a new restaurant once a week.

6. take better food photos.

7. feel more confident at auditions. (and sexy...)

whole wheat bagel thin (they're more substantial than the sandwich thins) with a ton of mustard and smoked turkey

8. make the most of free time.

9. stay focused, proactive, productive, positive and patient.

honeycrisp apple with lunch. these are quickly becoming my new favorite apple! i just wish they weren't so friggin' expensive!

i have a fun, productive day ahead of me tomorrow and i can't wait! goodnight, y'all!

xo jordan

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  1. I love honeycrisp too! I must go through at least 15 apples a week. It's getting ridiculous. They can be pricey, but now that they're in season I'm going apple picking this weekend so i get much more bang for my buck!