Monday, October 3, 2011

malibu beach day.

happy monday, errybody!

my morning started off with some grahams and hot yoga, the perfect beginning to a new week. unfortunately, i attempted my whole wheat grahams again last night but subbed pumpkin for the oil. that turned out to be a huge mistake as they were dry and spongey, not crispy like last time. oops! you know i'll eat them, anyway ;)

grahams + pb & j

i got home, showered, and made this omelette before heading out to the beach with connor. it was my first successful attempt at an omelette!

i usually mess up the flipping part and end up scrambling them, but this one was almost perfect!

filled with a bunch of spinach and sprinkled with garlic salt! so delicious.

we hit the road at 11 and drove through gorgeous hills to malibu. i drove through there with my dad in june and with my mom a year and a half ago, but i'd never been to the beach. my dad suggested zuma beach, since they'd taken my brother there as a baby when they lived here. it turned out to be the perfect spot for a relaxing beach day, not to mention there was free parking! my favorite.

after a few hours, it got pretty windy and we decided to head out when we were covered in goosebumps. we went for a drive down the PCH and quickly came across a place for frozen yogurt...where we decided to get ice cream instead. i've been eating froyo all summer, i forgot how satisfying regular ice cream can be! i got the peanut butter flavor which had chocolate cups and swirls of real peanut butter in it.

we went for a walk with our treats and found a super cute shopping center called the malibu country mart.

and "country mart" it was not. with a juicy couture, ralph lauren, kitson, james perse, oliver peoples, john varvatos and more like those, i definitely did not do any shopping. i'm sure i'll be back, though :)

after an easy ride home and some grocery shopping, i made myself a fairly elaborate dinner. i defrosted some of the salmon from when my mom was here in august and baked it with some lemon juice and red onion. i think i cooked it too long, but it was pretty good either way. i'll just know for next time!

i paired it with some whole wheat penne with avocado sauce, edamame and sea salt. the addition of edamame was a good call, if i may say so myself.

a few hours of tv, some frozen grapes and about 4 werthers later, i'm ready for bed! too bad it's only 10pm...see you tomorrow, friends.

xo jordan

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