Thursday, September 15, 2011

i just wanna da-a-a-a-nce, i don't really ca-a-a-a-are.

today reflected somewhat of a normal day for me around here - work 11:15 to 4pm, dance class and grocery shopping! dance was a blast, as usual, and even though the restaurant was kind of dead today, and has been during the lunch shifts lately, i kind of enjoy it anyway because the people are so fun to be around. i actually found myself wishing i had work this weekend...weird.

before i headed out to start my day, i had a cup of coffee (duh) and a smoothie for the ride to century city that i tried to amp up a bit so that i didn't get hungry just a couple of hours into my shift.

that would be a few frozen raspberries, a tiny bit of frozen mango chunks, some frozen strawberries, vanilla almond milk and a trader joe's vanilla nonfat greek yogurt. oh! and some raw oats...which kind of tasted odd? but the smoothie was decent, especially for not having a banana :(

lunch was a bunch of things that weren't really pretty enough for a photo (an apple, a pb&j sandwich on a whole wheat thin, and a cliff bar before dance), but my dinner was kind of attractive!

a ginormous salad with spinach, red onion, half an avocado, shredded carrots, cucumber (why don't i eat more of those?! so good), pearl tomatoes, ranch spritzers dressing and a pinch of sea salt. tossed and transferred into a pretty bowl, of course...

now i'm sipping on a mug of my favorite tea, bigelow vanilla chai, with almond milk and a splenda, because everything tastes so much better with just one...

and i had a couple of these cuties, too. clementines on sale at ralphs? why, yes. yes i will.

i'll be rounding out the evening with some jersey shore (typical) and probably something for dessert since my sweet tooth can never be tamed. i hope you enjoy your evening as much as i will!

xo jordan

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