Monday, September 12, 2011

sunday brunch: Mo's

4 days in a row of work down, 2 to go! i won't normally be having work so many consecutive days like this (which is both good and bad...for my bank account...), but i think they wanted to give me hours since i was away in new york for so long. in any case, i didn't even have work until 4:30 yesterday, so my day started out like any other sunday. with food blogs and breakfast!
i kept things light with a small bowl of honey bunches of oats (that box came for free with my tupperware. so random.), some leftover vanilla almond granola and almond milk. i didn't want to fill up too much on breakfast since a few hours later, connor and i headed over to Moe's in Burbank for some brunch! we'd heard good things from a friend, and something about unlimited banana bread and mimosas, so obviously we decided to go asap. this place did not disappoint.
we started out with a mimosa right away (most attentive server ever) and each ordered an omelette with sauteed mushrooms, onions, bacon cheddar cheese and guacamole. mine had egg whites and wow. we seriously both agreed this was the best omelette we'd ever eaten. the thing was huge, first of all, but something about all the ingredients together was perfect. there wasn't too much of anything, but just the perfect amount. and on the side came potatoes (mine mashed, connor's home-fried) which were also delicious, but i saved myself mostly for the banana bread. spread with a touch of butter, and i was in heaven.

unfortunately, i didn't snap any more photos of my delicious meal than the one above, probably because i was too busy downing my food, sipping my bottomless mimosa, and swapping stories with the roomie. all in all, this brunch is definitely one of my new favorites and we definitely be had again soon! it even tided me over until about 7pm, where i snacked on a banana and cliff bar at work.
new favorite flavor. hands down, the best cliff bar i've ever eaten.

and now, back to work and then finally back to dance class. hopefully with my favorite teacher, too! *cross fingers he doesn't cancel

xo jordan

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