Thursday, September 29, 2011

a day in the life.

i reflect upon the past 14 hours as very..."LA." or really, a typical day in the life of an LA dancer.

i woke up early to straighten my hair, pile on eye makeup, pull on sequin shorts, down a cup of coffee and shove this whole wheat sandwich thin with provolone and raspberry preserve (inspired by julie) down my throat before the audition for the X-Factor dancers.

it was exactly as i'd expected - about 300 girls ages 12 and up, scantily clad and dressed to impress. i caught up with my friend elana and another girl i knew early on, and thank goodness because we waited a looooong time just to get in there and learn the combo. and then we waited even longer before we got to audition with the combo in groups. and then get cut...but it's a comfort to know that a lot of amazing, bigger-named dancers in there didn't make it past the first one either. and hey, i just like to think of it as "taking class" with bobby newberry (the choreographer)! ma fave.

getting cut was really just an excuse to go and stuff our faces with sushi because "we deserved it," in the words of elana. and we totally did. i ordered far too much in terms of money and portion size, but it was so. amazing. i missed sushi too much.

that would be a tempura california roll that we split and the one in front, a sunkissed roll with spicy tuna, salmon and avocado was all for me. oh, and there was edamame to start!

mmm love me some japanese food. i mean, we were originally supposed to be fueling up for our callback, which we were told was later this afternoon, until we called the agency and found out it's actually tomorrow...when i'm schedule to work. and that, my friends, is so LA. a miscommunication, people waiting 'til the last minute to inform you of important things, a last minute switch. yep, i can come to expect this many more times in the future.

but it's okay! because i can always go grocery shopping at trader joe's and buy new things to make dinner! like this sweet basil pesto sausage that i had with spinach sauteed in sesame oil and roasted broccoli with olive oil and sea salt.

now i'm snacking away and watching tv, obviously. tomorrow brings more hectic-ness with an audition at 4:30 and then a rush down to work, to which i'll already be at least an hour late. cross your fingers i'm sexy enough for new year's in vegas*

xo jordan

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