Thursday, November 17, 2011

what i've been eating [frenzied].

these past few days have literally been the most eventful days of my life. collectively, at least. i found a second job at an amazing restaurant, and then a third...both of which i had to turn down for an offer that i simply cannot refuse. but we'll get to that more tomorrow when it's all final... (:

i've been eating some yummy things that i've been meaning to show you all, but i've been caught up in life lately. so, here it goes!

carrots dipped in light ranch. best snack ever.

pumpkin cheesecake from trader joe's [thanks connor!]

tuna salad with cranberries, light mayo and spinach

portabello veggie burgers with mustard on whole wheat, side of tomato soup

strawberry chobani with sliced banana and graham cracker crumbs, aka my new favorite topping

i've got some blog posts already set up for the next few days, so hopefully i'll be a bit more organized and this time i promise to not disappear! plus, you should totally come back and visit so you can hear about my exciting news :)

xo jordan

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  1. count me in. im already glad you re-posted cos its reminded me that i SO need to bake those pumpkin muffins! thanks girl :-)