Sunday, November 6, 2011

when mama d visits.

we cook!

yesterday was my mom's last day in town and we spent the entire day together until she left at around 7:30pm. we started the morning by making some tomato soup (recipe to come soon!) and then we headed out for some shopping and lunch. i didn't find any clothes i liked, but we went to this adorable paper store that had all kinds of cute, random gift-type things and a bunch of holiday decorations. my mom bought us these garland mittens we're going to make soon to decorate for christmas!

the picture won't rotate :(

they also had some really gorgeous paper flower kits, so i might cave soon and grab a couple of those, too. after the shopping, we went to this place called Porto's right near my apartment that i keep hearing amazing things about. it's basically a giant spanish bakery and cafe that's set up kind of like a cafeteria. it was mobbed.

and now i know why. the prices are crazy cheap and the food is excellent. my mom and i each ordered a fountain soda and southwestern steak salad + an almond croissant for me. there were so many pastries, i couldn't resist! and all together i think the total was around $20.

delicious. afterwards, we were pretty sleepy so we didn't head over to the mall, but we did make a giant carrot cake and some awesome bolognese sauce. i'll be posting those recipes and pictures soon, too! it was honestly the perfect way to spend my saturday and i'm so happy i got to see my mom so much these past two weeks! only a month and a half 'til christmas...

but today, i'm getting back on track. i'm going to eat real meals, not just cake and candy, and i'm going to back to yoga!!! finally :)

xo jordan

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