Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a happy start to november.

yesterday afternoon, i braved the north-bound traffic and headed up to woodland hills to mom! she's back on this side of the country for work again, so i have the pleasure of hanging out with her even more than just in vegas last week. lucky me :)

after walking around the mall picking up some stuff at apple and browsing fall clothes (um, why is there nothing cute out right now?), we went over to Maggiano's, a family style Italian restaurant chain. i've been to the ones in Boston and Philly 'cause we used to love going to this restaurant when we had dance competitions. the one here in LA did not disappoint.

i started with a few pieces of traditional italian bread and olive oil since i can't resist, and then we each got a small chopped salad with avocado, tomato and prosciutto with an iceberg and romaine mix. the dressing was wayyy too good! (apologies for the iphone photos. why do restaurants always have such poor lighting? oh, to make them more romantic. right...)

we then split two big dishes: a gnocchi with italian sausage in a vodka cream sauce (favorite) and a chicken dish with basil and tomato, served with orzo and spinach.

we made quite a dent in both (probably me more than my mom...) and then took the rest to go. i could've kept eating since i have minimal will power, but i'm glad i stopped. i was so full. i need to stop eating myself into oblivion just because things taste yummy...

i incorporated my leftovers into my early dinner today and put some sauteed spinach and onion in sesame oil on the side. the leftovers were just as good as last night, and i'm glad i saved them!

times that spinach by two. i always buy a big bag of spinach for the week and usually have no problem finishing it, but for some reason this week i'm afraid it's going to go bad! maybe it was all that halloween indulging...

anyway, it's back to work tonight! today was a busy one so i'm hoping i don't fall asleep at the hostess stand.

xo jordan

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