Thursday, February 28, 2013

ridiculously belated vacation photos.

2 weeks ago, i reunited with my family in Breckenridge, Colorado for our annual ski/snowboard vacation! i've been going there since i was little but missed last year's trip because i was dancing on the cruise ship, so this year was extra special. our amazing week was filled with delicious food, tons of beautiful snow, four days of perfect snowboarding, a group trip to the gym, a massage and lots of family time. ever since the morning after i got back to LA, it's been a non-stop hustle, so i apologize for the delay! enjoy the photos, i'll be back with recipes as soon as the chaos subsides :)

view from the plane - almost there!

 -4 degrees

valentine's day trip to the Breckenridge Distillery :)

papa D!


 my mom is a cutie.

valentine's day pancakes <3 

they still have christmas lights up in town :)

snowboarding/dancing, obviously.

apres-ski apps! mac & cheese, trio of sliders, quesadillas, coleslaw, chili and zucchini fritters!

 carrot cake & shake! aka one of the greatest desserts i've ever eaten.

mid-snowboarding photo

*snow princess

my brother is awesome.


ahh, reliving vacation memories. i miss them all already! and i'm actually trying to make a trip out to Big Bear or Mammoth to snowboard out here 'cause it's so fun! if you've never tried it before, you really should. but wear a helmet...

xo jordan

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  1. Ahh i miss PROPER snow! we always get a little bit here in the uk, but not enough to ski...
    that carrot cake/shake dessert looks the bomb! :)