Tuesday, September 18, 2012

life update.

okay guys, i mean it this time. i'm back to blogging...and regularly. which means at least three times a week. i promise :)

before we can simply resume our relationship, i feel the need to present you with a life update of sorts. these past few months of summer (since it's always summer in LA), have brought a lot of change, inspiration, motivation and growth. i started a new job, joined a dance crew, met lots of new and wonderful people, ate some amazing food, traveled to new parts of california, experienced things out of my comfort zone, spent time with family, and made a plan for the next year or so. let me fill you in.

cousin and puppy-cousin!

my new job hostessing is at restaurant in Los Feliz called MessHall. it has awesome food, drinks, company, staff, managers and vibes. if you live anywhere near LA, you should join us. 

as for the dance crew, i cannot express in words how happy i am to be part of such and amazing group of talented, hard-working dancers. we're called the Show off Dolls and we do a fusion of burlesque, hip hop and jazz. so far we've had two amazing gigs after just a few super productive rehearsals and i know the future holds incredible opportunities for us. 

being part of a group out here is so important to me because i not only get to make new friends, but i also love being able to perform out here regularly. it's ridiculously fun and also great practice for when i'm, ya know, dancing behind katy perry and christina aguilera ;) plus, and this may sound absurd, i absolutely LOVE rehearsal. maybe because it brings me back to my childhood and hours upon hours of rehearsal for dance competitions, but i do love it.

lola lush is my doll name ;)

i have also *surprise surprise* finally started studying for the GMATs, which i plan on taking in november. i'll be applying to several schools, but the goal is the UCLA Anderson School of Business (a full time program...but i know i'll still have time to dance) so i can get my MBA in marketing, with a concentration in media and entertainment. whew, that was a mouthful! 

much like my love for rehearsal, i weirdly enjoy getting new school supplies and products. i don't think most people get excited about studying for exams, but i've been so focused that i've actually been studying 6/7 days a week. hear that, mom and dad? :)

on "set" at a mansion in beverly hills. can't complain!

so there you have it. a very brief overview of my crazy, ever-changing life. mix all of the above with last-minute auditions, workouts, babysitting, modeling, cooking, baking, partying, taking class, sleeping, and now blogging. see you in a few days!

xo jordan


  1. awesome update... youve been busy girl!!! (so a totes fair excuse for not blogging :p)
    im tres jell of your dance company stuff, that looks so much fun! do you guys ever record any of your shows? id love to see what a real jazz/burlesque/hiphop dancing sesh looks like!
    keep blogging and keep having fun :-)

  2. thanks girl!! we actually have a video from our first gig, which i may post, but we're waiting for some higher quality ones :)

  3. Hey girl! :) Just found your blog...I'm from LA as well! Congrats on the new job and the new goals! SO exciting! I haven't even cracked open a GMAT book-- but it could be where I'm headed...

  4. yayyy another LA blogger :) i'm so happy you found my blog! thanks for commenting :)

    maybe we can motivate each other with this whole GMAT's been awhile since i had to stay focused while studying, haha