Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a day off.

today i didn't have work at smithhouse or any kind of audition, so i took advantage of the day and it turned out to be both productive and fun! i woke up this morning really early for absolutely no reason and made myself a yogurt parfait that i ate alongside a cup of hot coffee with cinnamon.
raw oats topped with vanilla trader joe's nonfat yogurt, one banana and cinnamon.
mixed up!
yes, that is a christmas mug. no, i haven't been to home goods to buy more mugs just yet! i seriously need to get some cute placemats and stuff to put in my pictures. good thing my mom is coming tomorrow to help me shop for decorations :)

after a few hours of catching up on blogs and browsing for modeling gigs online, i headed out to meet a friend of mine from my hometown for lunch. (she actually moved out here awhile ago, but just moved to north hollywood a few blocks from me at around the same time i came to LA.) i met her at Pitfire Pizza, which is supposedly one of the most popular restaurants here! and after eating there, i can totally see why. i ordered the steak salad, which came with avocado, candied walnuts, red onion, tomato and goat cheese for me instead of blue! it was phenomenal.
i ate it with a strawberry soda (also delicious). i usually don't drink soda, but i'm a huge fan of strawberry drinks and i was thirsty, so i couldn't very well pass it up! i can't wait to go back, maybe for dinner because supposedly they light a firepit outside that you can eat around! so cute. after lunch i walked home full and content. few things make me happier than eating good food with people i love.

at around three o'clock i headed out to dance, but only after eating almost an entire half of a watermelon. it's just so addicting, it practically tastes like candy! but more refreshing, of course. i took a really fun hip hop class with a teacher i've come to really like and then came home with a growling stomach, again. after a quick shower, i whipped up some pasta and threw in veggies i had in the fridge. oddly enough, i made it in the microwave and it turned out great! our stove isn't working just yet because we have to have the building manager come in first, so i just put the pasta in a bowl with a bunch of water and threw it in the microwave for about four minutes total, checking on it every so often.
chopped spinach, pearl tomatoes and red onion to put in the pasta! unfortunately i didn't have whole wheat...better luck next time.
with feta, roasted chicken, a tiny bit of pesto and some balsamic vinaigrette! pretty good for a dinner thrown together with random things in the fridge, if i may say so myself.

some more watermelon and a quick trip to yogurtland (undocumented due to my poor memory and overall excitement for dessert) rounded out the night. and now i'm just about ready for bed...despite the fact that it's only 10pm. but hey, it was a busy day, and tomorrow is going to be huge - kanye audition, commercial casting, and then scooping up mom at LAX!
be back in the morning.

xo jordan

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