Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the importance of variety [and a cheat day].

i've been doing a lot of researching lately about new exercise regimes and healthy recipes to incorporate into my diet. the number one tip that's really resonated with me has to do with varying exercise routines in order to engage new muscles and burn fat. i never really thought about things like going to the gym or trying new workouts when i was in high school, and in college the only new thing i really tried was the an incline and resistance of 1 since i was too afraid to get too bulky...lame! 

now, i've been focusing on adding free weights, new machines and new exercises targeting certain "problem areas" at the gym as well as trying new dance classes! let me tell you, dancing for an hour in heels will make you feel things in your legs you never even knew existed. try it. i also happened to return to my all-time favorite non-dancing workout: Hot Power Fusion yoga at CorePower in Sherman Oaks. i thought for a second that they cancelled today's class and i legitimately almost screamed. that class is my equivalent of a spa day...and a workout all in one. perfection.

my favorite websites to go to for inspiration are of course pinterest in the fitness section, FitSugar, which posts all kinds of awesome health tips and the occasional workout video, poppilates videos here, and some other videos here.

aaaand in case any of you were wondering, my favorite dance classes as of late look a little something like this:

next on my list? a pole dancing class. seriously. i hear it works your body like crazy!

buuuut another super important part of maintaining variety, is allowing yourself to let go a little. so, to you i present the ultimate sweet-tooth breakfast: 1/2 s'mores pancakes and 1/2 peanut butter banana oreo pancakes courtesy of Bea Bea's in Burbank, CA.


tomorrow i'm heading home to new york to see my family and friends and then on to north carolina for vacation!!!!!! i'm so, so, SO beyond excited =D

xo jordan

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