Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the life of a busy bee. [& my one year anniversary with LA!]

TGI-almost thursday. beeecaaaaauuuuse i can now finally sleep past 7:30!!!! i know, i'm such a baby. most people my age, or older...or younger...have to wake up much earlier than that to make it to work or school on time, but for those of us struggling artists here in hollywood, 7:30am is a time we rarely see on our clocks. let's face it, we work night jobs that get us more tips and the only times we really have to wake up earlier than noon are for auditions. as for me, i ordinarily only sleep until 8:30 or so, but the hour really makes a difference. i promise.

what i've been up to the past three days has been working downtown for LA Market/Fashion Week in a showroom that sells activewear apparel. i was sort of doing a cross between modeling and personal assisting, but whatever it was, it was awesome. fashion has always been a huge passion of mine, not to mention clothes i can dance, hike or do yoga in, but i haven't ever really been able to experience the fashion industry...aside from things i'd heard from my mother or cousin who work(ed) in fashion. 

in any case, i've been working downtown from 9am-4pm and then running straight to work on the west side from 5pm-11pm. so one can only imagine how all this running affected my eating...

these ziplocs of dried cranberries and almonds + oatmeal to go (prepared the night before with almond coconut milk and a sliced banana in the morning) + coffee in my thermos + a zbar for a snack have been saving my life.

in the midst of all the busy bee madness, however, i have managed to shovel in a few real nutrients and salad! 'cause ya know, i'm participating in the june salad-a-day challenge and all. basically, for me to enjoy a salad, all i need is to know that it contains one or all of the following:


smoked salmon.

goat cheese.

a fruit.

or a veggie burger patty.

SO GOOD. i kid you not. 

in other news, it just so happens to be my one year anniversary with LA and to quote a fabulously talented and adorable singer who is also one of my role-models, "you can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast " :) 

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  1. SO jealous of your love affair with LA. its definitly on my list of go-to places... im coming back to visit friends in the US this summer, but theres more PA and MA, so not so much with the sunny LA land! :-(