Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend recap & the june salad-a-day challenge.

wanna know what i love about mondays? 

they're like this constant reminder to get back on track. and after a weekend filled with way too many painful hours of work, not enough protein and more baked goods than any person should eat in a month, today's monday motivation was more than welcome. 

aside from all the working, i did manage to squeeze in some quality time with friends and try some tasty foods. friday night i met up with my friend robin for dinner at a cafe near our apartments called Crave. i'd been there once before with connor (the day after i got back from the ship!) and remembered their amazing caprese salad. despite all the other delicious sounding sandwiches and even breakfast plates, since they serve them 24 hours a day, i wanted to stick with a salad in keeping with the june salad-a-day challenge! more on that later...

dinner was absolutely delightful, but even more so was my first trip ever to Krispy Kreme to celebrate National Donut Day!! 

what, did you think i wasn't going to celebrate this ridiculously important holiday even though i'm trying to eat a salad a day? please. look at the title of this blog.

let's skip to sunday when i went to meet up with one of my best friends, jordan, who's here for the next few months trying out LA life. she's currently living in Venice in one of the nicest neighborhoods ever - here, let me prove it to you...

cutest ever. well, we kind of had an indulgent girl's night and went with these awesome pretzel cheeseburgers...

...and two different desserts that were eaten while watching hours of Girls and far too quickly to snap a picture. needless to say, i don't regret a second of it, mostly because today is Monday and i managed to get myself back on track with a sweaty trip to the gym, some fresh veggies, lots of fresh fruit and several spoonfuls of peanut butter.

now, back to the salad-a-day challenge - it was angela's idea over at Oh She Glows and i think it's pretty brilliant. nothing fancy, just a little contest with yourself to stick with eating one salad a day. it's not so much to ask really, i used to have a salad a day when i first moved out here, but i think i got a little sick of them. good thing there are about a million food blogs and recipe sites for me to investigate and find salad inspiration :) you should join us! i think we'll all start to feel more energized, healthy and happy soon.

xo jordan

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