Monday, June 18, 2012

weekend realizations.

happy monday, everybody! i hope you all had wonderful weekends, as i know i did. even though i've had work the past 3 days, i managed to squeeze in some time with friends, at the gym, and in the kitchen. here's what i realized in the process:

1. as much as i want to try and reduce my dairy intake for moral and health reasons, nothing beats an egg with cheese + two pieces of ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with butter. truth.

2. if you do not get enough sleep for a week and consume enough nutrients, you will get sick. and lose your voice...which may seem raspy and sexy at first, but is really just annoying and painful.

3. it is okay to have frozen yogurt for dinner if you've been "good" the past few days, it makes your throat (& heart) feel better, and tastes just plain awesome. 

half peanut butter, half cookies and cream with cookie dough and crushed reese's. O-M-G.

4. dining al fresco with friends never gets old.

grilled ono tacos with french fries in old bay seasoning. yum!

5. i really do love trader joe's.

6. being nice to people pays off and is good karma. i scored a free bag of sunflower seeds at TJ's this morning because i was short a dollar and asked him if it were possible to take it away...he said absolutely and gave it to me anyway since he didn't want me "worrying about that stuff." so sweet.

7. i love my life. i seriously think dancers have the most fun lives ever. i mean, who else gets to dress up like it's halloween everyday and dance it out for a living?! no one. :)

until next time!

xo jordan

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  1. Haha, i love the positivity in this post... SMILE and the world smiles with you, right?!?!

    Love the dance outfit... you lucky thing. dancing for work sounds like the best job ever :-)